Version 1.1

I hereby authorize and agree:

That Sterling RV Services LLC (any of its owners, employees, members or representatives) may perform the work required to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, restore, and test the issues described or cited herein, plus any and all issues that may arise or be requested during the scope and period of that work;

That Sterling RV Services LLC is authorized to enter my recreational vehicle, its premises, and any of my property necessary to access the recreational vehicle;

That Sterling RV Services LLC is not responsible for any delays, damages, injuries, losses, or expenses caused by the unavailability or delayed supply of parts or materials;

That Sterling RV Services LLC does not authorize or authorize anyone else to assume any liability on its behalf in connection with such work and is not liable for loss or damage to the recreational vehicle or any items left in it due to fire, theft or any other reason beyond our control.