Sterling RV Services was founded in spring 2023 by Andrew Herrick, a degree’d mechanical engineer and former RV design & manufacturing engineer. That’s me!

After working in the custom design and mass manufacturing side of the RV industry, I saw the need for qualified RV service, repair, inspections, and retrofits.

RV dealerships are backlogged and hiring anyone who walks through the doors. RV manufacturers have dropped the ball on quality. Interest in RVing and mobile living is higher than ever. It’s a perfect storm! I’m here to help.

I am an advanced RV diagnostics technician, which is not quite the same thing as an RV handyman.

  • While I’m happy to perform routine maintenance or basic construction repairs like fixing a toilet or replacing subflooring, I prefer complex problems that have you stumped.
  • In my experience, my services often pay for themselves; troubleshooting is usually cheaper than throwing parts at the problem!
  • I enjoy explaining how things work (and sometimes why they don’t), and customers often tell me my knowledge alone was worth the visit. 

So I’m here to help. This isn’t a casual side hustle; this is my career. I look forward to helping you on your adventures!

Our Mission

Sterling RV Services focuses on RV repair, retrofits, and diagnostic repair work. This is a mobile-only RV service. I don’t make you wait: I come to you,

My mission is keep you happy and keep your RV on the road! I not only repair motorhomes and campers; I can also design and install retrofit upgrades like 4-season packages and off-grid solar installations. 

Here’s my main thing: I don’t make misdiagnoses. I take as much time as necessary (sometimes off the clock) to understand the root cause of the problem and zero in on the solution.

I am RVTAA-certified, registered and insured, and I’ve been working in and around RVs for a decade. When it comes to service, good enough isn’t perfect; perfect is good enough. I’ll get there one day!

The Team


Founder, RV Technician and Design Engineer. Shown alongside his lovely wife.