Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Policies

We wrote an entire page on Payment Policies here! We’ll tell you EVERYTHING about hourly rates, trip fees, part policies, discounts, methods of payment, etc. If you like numbers, you’ll love us!

Schedule Service

Click here to get started. We welcome calls, texts and emails. Before or during our first service call, you’ll need to fill out our Service Questionnaire (5 minutes). You can fill it out now, after we’ve spoken on the phone, or once we arrive onsite. Thanks!

What We Don't Do

We specialize in diagnostics and repair of your RV electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. For your convenience, here is a running list of issues we do not currently service:

  • Winterize/dewinterize (by special request only)
  • Black and gray tank cleaning*
  • Detailing, washing, polishing, buffing, etc.
  • Body painting, fiberglass repair, or general bodywork
  • Interior renovations (e.g. extensive cabinetry repairs)
  • Powertrain: vehicle engines and transmissions (fluid analysis only)***
  • Running gear: Brakes, bearings, tires and wheels, suspension, etc.**
  • Structural damage: Chassis welding, sidewall delamination, etc.
  • Motorhome windshield replacement
  • Motorhome dash controls***
  • Satellite system troubleshooting
  • Dash/automotive air conditioning systems***
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Recharging RV air conditioners (impossible, unfortunately)
  • Residential appliance repair (just installation/replace)
  • Stereos (just installation/replace)
  1. *We can fix most black tank issues – just not clean them!
  2. **Recommend truck n’ trailer service shop.
  3. *** Recommend ASE-certified mechanic.

Please understand there are some services that simply aren’t mobile-friendly and require a shop environment. 

For instance, while we work on slide-out mechanisms, we don’t remove entire slide-out rooms (which requires a fork lift and service bay). While we service generators, we don’t remove large diesel generators from their storage bays to replace a thrown rod!

We appreciate your understanding!

The Blog

You might find the answer to your question here on our blog!

Questions & Answers

Our location is in Somerset, Pennsylvania, about 1.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our “home” area is the beautiful Laurel Highlands Pennsylvania region north of Mountain Maryland, all of which is within a 40-mile drive. 

Want to meet us midway? Check out local camping opportunities near our home base!

We can also service most of the mid-Atlantic region in western and central Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, northern Virginia, eastern Ohio, and western Maryland, all of which are within a 2- to 3-hour drive.

Depending on the time of year, we may be traveling to additional locations as well. Search for us using the RVTAA Tech Locater.

In the Laurel Highlands region of Pennsylvania, shop and hourly labor rates for RV repair range from $80 to $160 an hour. In other parts of the country, service centers may charge up to $240 per hour!

Regardless of averages and medians, though, we understand that our labor rate isn’t chump change! Our goal is to provide the “best value,” not the bottom-dollar price.

  • We usually charge actual time-on-task or the Spader flat rate, whichever is less. We don’t stretch out time on the clock.
  • If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.
  • You’re paying for expert help. We are often called to fix problems other technicians can’t.
  • Our price reflects our specialization in diagnostics, not maintenance. Yes, compared to an RV handyman who cleans and winterizes, we’re rather expensive. And that’s OK. We offer a different skill set.
  • We usually cap diagnostics at a reasonable time limit. We don’t charge you for wild goose chases or rabbit trails. We only put time for competent, efficient work on the clock. That sometimes means we have to “eat” extra time – and that’s OK, because we’d rather keep our trustworthiness than make a few dollars.
  • Our labor rates are quite affordable compared to unnecessarily replacing an appliance or throwing parts at a problem to see what sticks. 
  • We work with many aftermarket warranty companies, RV manufacturers, and insurance companies – something most mobile techs won’t do.
  • We keep meticulous records, and we warranty our work. If you need to know what part was installed/when/how much/where it was purchased from, we can tell you.
  • We stock $$,$$$ worth of parts and tools so we can get you back on the road quicker.
  • Communication is the bedrock of our business. We respond to all voicemails, emails, texts, etc. You will never get the runaround. And we take the time to educate you while we work, helping you become a better RV owner!

For these reasons (and more!), we would humbly suggest our expertise pays for itself. And if you still doubt, just read our Google reviews.

This is such an important question we wrote an entire blog post about how we process warranty claims!

Please click the link above for a full answer. In the meantime, here are the highlights:

  • We process warranty claims for many aftermarket warranty or extended service plan (ESP) providers.
  • We process warranty claims for a handful, but not many, OEM and RV Manufacturer Factory warranties. Call us for details.
  • For warranty work, we calculate labor and fees differently. Rates are higher to cover the additional administrative work required. See more information at our Payment Policies page.
  • Most warranty claims will require at least two Service Calls: one for diagnosis, one for repair (after claim approval). Please note that not all services or fees are necessarily covered by your warranty terms and conditions, and you will be expected to pay the difference.

Yes, we do, and we’re proud of it. But let’s put the legalese aside for a moment …

As a service business, we live and die by our reputation. Unlike some other techs, we don’t jaunt around the country; we serve our town, our neighbors, our state. And let’s be honest: If we were to do a poor job, it only takes 5 minutes for you to spread the news on social media.

So call us old-fashioned, but we believe the best warranty is a handshake and good public standing. And that’s why we offer a warranty, but we don’t trumpet it. We think warranties are designed to protect the business more than the customer. So we prefer to sell based on our customer service and our technical expertise, not a paperwork. But anyhow …

We offer a 90-day limited warranty for our workmanship. You can read it here. If you have any questions, just ask!

Yes, we travel with an extensive selection of common repair and service parts. As part of the Service Request process, we will try to narrow down what parts our repair may require before we arrive. We keep our markup reasonable. In many cases, we sell parts for less than local dealership prices!

Sometimes – especially for larger and uncommon parts – we may need to order parts separately (after finishing diagnostics) and schedule a follow-up call. See our Payment Policy for information on pre-purchasing more expensive parts and additional trip fees.

We focus on mobile RV repair service. We work on-site: campground, home, storage, etc. Please make sure we can access your RV!

We may provide access to a shop for short-term repairs, such as roof replacements. Contact us for details.

Also, please understand that there are certain services we are not equipped to offer as a mobile technician. For instance, if your slide-out floor has severe water damage, the best fix is to remove the slide-out box from your RV and remove and replace your entire slide-out floorObviously, this is not the sort of repair that can be performed en plein air!

Yes, we can provide service in the evenings and weekends by appointment. See Rates for any additional charges, if applicable. Call us to get started!

No. We service the RV “house,” not the powertrain or chassis. We can service generator engines, however.

Yes, we do! We are certified to work on gas, diesel, and LP-powered RV generators through training at the NRVTA.

With that said, please understand there are some repairs best done in a shop. We are trained and equipped to troubleshoot and fix most common generator failures and adjustments. But if you never changed your oil and now you have a seized piston and a dead engine … we can’t reasonably fix that in the field.

Also, some generator repair and maintenance services require removal of the generator from its storage bay, and our service vehicle may not be equipped to remove and bench-test a 500-lb generator! 

Likewise, some problems are simply cost-prohibitive to repair via mobile service, and you’ll get a better deal going to a small engine mechanic or generator repair shop.

Yes, we do! … with some stipulations.

Most awning work (especially installations and removals) requires at least two people. We will require your assistance, if possible. You’ll need to be somewhat comfortable on ladders up to 5-6 feet off the ground and able to lift up to 20-30 lbs.

If you’re not able to assist (or to bring a hunky friend), then we’ll have to charge an extra $50 an hour to cover the cost of hiring temporary help.

Yes, we do!

We get this question a lot, so we wrote a “cheat sheet” blog post with all the answers you might want to know. Read our blog post here.

Because roof repairs can get complicated, we offer and require an upfront inspection to investigate your roof condition and go over your options with you. The cost of an RV roof inspection is mileage only.

Water leaks are the bane of every RVer’s existence!

Yes, we fix water leaks. In the case of single-origin leaks, such as a faulty plumbing fitting, a bad air conditioner gasket, or a plugged window weep hole, we can usually diagnose and repair the issue in a single service call.

However, if you are experiencing roof water leaks because of a lack of maintenance, then we adopt an all-or-nothing approach. For instance, there’s no sense resealing your roof fan if your skylight is about to go, too. It becomes a game of whack-a-mole. In these instances, we will only accept liability if we perform a full reseal of your RV, which usually includes cap sealants, self-leveling, new gaskets, and sometimes corner-seal tape and a full roof recoat. We really do leave your RV better-than-new!

In general, we do not install customer-supplied parts. In the rare cases we do, it’s done with prior knowledge. Usually, customer-supplied parts are installed as-is and the workmanship and parts warranty is waived. 

Unfortunately, when someone else sources parts, we can’t always determine what’s a knock-off versus what’s OEM-quality. We don’t buy Amazon knock-offs; we source from trusted brands. Nor can we always determine if a part has been used or salvaged. In the interest of providing you sterling service, we have to trust the quality of our parts, and we hope you understand!

We prefer RVs up to 15-20 years old. Any older, and parts may be difficult or impossible to find! 

If you have a vintage RV, we recommend first seeking a technician or restoration specialist who focuses on your brand. They will have a wealth of insider knowledge.

No, we do not perform any bodywork repair.

No. Nor do we help customers hitch up their rigs, unfortunately (due to insurance liability concerns). 

By special request, yes. We focus on diagnostics and systems repair, not general maintenance.

While we don’t provide appraisals for property value, we do provide inspection verification services for aftermarket insurance claims. If you’re looking for an insurance appraisal for body damage to your RV, we recommend you work with an RV collision repair center.

No, nor do we have any local recommendations.

We provide RV orientations by appointment only. A full orientation is usually 3-5 hours long and is priced at our full-day hourly rate. You are welcome to take pictures or record video during the orientation. We also offer consulting over video chat.

We get it – no one likes paperwork! That’s why we keep our Service Request Questionnaire short, so you can fill it out in less than five minutes.

If you don’t like filling out forms online, don’t fret! – we’ll fill out the Questionnaire with you when we arrive at your site. 

We use the Questionnaire for our benefit and yours.

  • The Questionnaire provides us with valuable information about your RV, your problem, and your location, all of which helps us better prepare to quickly fix your problem.
  • The Questionnaire also issues a work authorization, explains our terms and conditions, and otherwise shares the important fine print you might like to know.